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The MetaTrader4 terminal implies a universal platform allowing to actively operate at the Forex market concluding trading transactions related to currency, futures and CFD contracts purchase and sale. This software program enables to implement technical analysis of traded instruments instantly, trade manually or automatically. The trading platform interface is intuitively understandable, which allows to get to know all its settings and work functions within a short time period.

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Charts Operation

Charts display changes of the selected financial instruments price dynamics in the real time mode. Charts are necessary for performing a technical analysis, trading by means of advisors and their optimization, testing trading systems and strategies. It is up to a trader what color of a chart background to choose, what way of displaying a price on a chart to opt for, i.e. that of a line, bars or Japanese candlesticks, whether to put or remove a grid and period dividers, how to scroll and move charts and perform a great number of other additional settings.

Platform Analytical Possibilities

In order to perform a technical analysis, the trading terminal employs some very convenient and effective tools. A set of linear tools enables to conduct a graphic analysis of any complexity by means of vertical, horizontal and trend lines, the Fibonacci levels, Gann lines and fan, trend channels and linear regression channels.

Technical and custom indicators will help a trader by analyzing particularly complicated situations at the market. The trading terminal is initially equipped with a sufficient amount of technical indicators but one can optionally download any of those one liked in the Internet and add them to your tools.

Platform Trading Possibilities

The MT4 terminal provides one with a possibility of performing transactions related to buying and selling various financial instruments in a quick and convenient way. The symbol purchase or sales order is represented by market and pending orders. The trading terminal allows not only to open a trading position but also to control and if necessary to manage the state of transactions.

MT4 Automatic Trading

The trading platform enables to automate the trading process at the Forex market. It is achieved by means of automatic trading systems represented by various advisors and experts. These trading tools can be easily found in the Internet or developed independently using the built-in MQ4 programming language.

Trade by means of experts and advisors allows to reduce a psychological stress experienced by a trader, hand over a great deal of routine work to them by analyzing the market state as well as to simplify trading transactions management.

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